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Antennas, Aerials, Freeview Satellite Dishs & Receivers, Satellite Equipment, Amps, Power Supplies, Sealers, Diplexers, Splitters, Filters, NZSAT and more, Supreme Antennas are one of New Zealand’s leading Television Aerial & Satellite Manufacturers and Wholesalers.

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Our Latest Products:

300 WATT Sinergex Elite Inverter


The PureWatts Elite 300 is the perfect mobile power source for your small power needs. Ideal for operating small office appliances and household equipment up to 300 watts. Simply connect the inverters to your battery using the cigarette light plug and you now have AC power wherever and whenever you need it.

Stock Code: INVMS300W
Price: NZD$39.00
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Deep Cycle Battery Camec 120ahr SlimLine

Stock Code: BATTAGM120SL
Price: NZD$449.00
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Deep Cycle Battery Camec 104ahr

Stock Code: BATTAGM100
Price: NZD$399.00
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