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Test Equipment

We are NZ agents for the following brands of test equipement, Telemann, Promax, Emitor and Zeatek.

Coax Cable Tester

Stock Code: CCT
Price: NZD$59.00
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Rexford Cable 8 way Mapper/Tester

Description: Test and identify up to EIGHT cables with just ONE trip to the junction box!
Stock Code: CCTM8
Price: NZD$149.00
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Satellite Finder Meter (NEEDLE + LED)

Description: Field Strength Meter Satellite Finder (Needle)
Stock Code: SFNL
Price: NZD$28.00
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Telemann 1500 UHF/VHF Meter

Description: Telemann 1500 UHF/VHF test meter
Stock Code: FSMT1500
Price: NZD$990.00
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Telemann 1680S Satellite Meter

Description: Telemann 1680S Satellite Test meter
Stock Code: FSMT1680S
Price: NZD$1,190.00
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Telemann 1680S2 Satellite Meter

Description: Telemann 1680S2 Satellite Test meter
Stock Code: FSMT1680S2
Price: NZD$1,390.00
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Emitor Digiair Pro UHF/VHF Meter

Description: Emitor Digiair Pro UHF/VHF Test Meter
Stock Code: FSMEDP
Price: POA
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Sat Tracker OTM600C satellite Meter

Stock Code: FSMOTM600C
Price: NZD$670.00
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Emitor Combolook Colour HD UHF/VHF/SAT Meter

Description: Emitor Combolook Colour HD UHF/VHF/Satellite Meter
Price: NZD$3,800.00
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Promax Ranger HD

Stock Code: FSMPRHD
Price: NZD$6,900.00
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Satlink S5150 Satelitte & UHF Combo Meter

Description: ST-5150 is a DVB-S-S2/T/T2/C and MPEG-2/4 compliant handheld combo meter. With its compact size, light weight, intuitive user's interface, long battery operational hours and rich feature set, the meter provides all functions needed for installation and verification of digital Satellite TV service, antenna signal and cable signal to residential homes or multi-dwelling units.
  • 4.3 Inch High Definition TFT LCD Screen.
  • Fully DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C compliant
  • Digital meter for signal strength and quality
  • Supports Auto Scan and Manual Scan
  • Sound and Light Alarm for Looking Signal
  • Supports DISEQC 1.0/1.1/1.2, Unicable, 0/22kHz Tone
  • Speaker Integrated
  • Support both AV out and AV in
  • Support both HD-MI out
  • LNB short protection
  • 7.4V/2600mAh Li-Ion Battery, Silicone case and carry straps included
Stock Code: FSMS5150
Price: NZD$695.00
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