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Aerials Antennas

We manufacture a full range of Hi-Quality aerials for the NZ market, models cover VHF, UHF, COMBO, FM, AM, Radio, DTT, Freeview HD, Digital Terrestrial etc.

Supreme 16 Element UHF Aerial 21-69

Description: Supreme 16 Element UHF Aerial 21-69, Freeview HD
Stock Code: SAU16
Price: NZD$99.00
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Supreme 34 Element UHF Aerial

Stock Code: SAU34
Price: NZD$89.00
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Supreme Aerial 1 Element FM

Stock Code: SA1EFM
Price: NZD$98.00
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SUPREME AERIAL 1E FM, round dipol with DIPLEXER built-in


Product Summary

If you are looking to receive FM signals, the 03MM-1EFM is your choice of antenna. Its ring-type dipole antenna receives FM signals with ease at 88-108MHz. It also does a great job of filtering out 4G/5G LTE interference and comes with a quick mounting clamp which makes it easier and faster to install.

Features and Benefits

  • Ring type FM dipole antenna
  • Receives FM 88-108MHz
  • 4G LTE 694MHz low pass filter
  • Incorporates FM/ UHF Diplexer
  • Quick mounting clamp for fast installation
Stock Code: SA1EFMD
Price: NZD$129.00
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Supreme Aerial 2 Element FM

Stock Code: SA2EFM
Price: NZD$111.40
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Supreme Aerial 3 Element FM

Stock Code: SA3EFM
Price: NZD$139.50
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