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Skybox V7 Satellite Receiver


12v & Mains Powered HD Satellite receiver with HDMI & USB PVR

Stock Code: SRSV7
Price: NZD$199.00

Skybox V7 Satellite Receiver allows you to watch Freeview Satellite, FTA (Free to air) or Sky channels (with subscribed Sky card) from a Satellite Dish, The V7 has a built in card slot it so will accept certain Sky cards (see "Note" below) if you have an existing Sky subscription.

-12v DC Powered (240V AC adaptor included)
-HDMI 1080p output (HD upscale)
-Composite output
-Component output
-Optical Output (Digital Audio)
-CA Card slot
-RJ-45 Ethernet port
-2x USB 2.0 ports
-USB PVR feature

Dimensions : 220mm W x 160mm D x 40mm H

Note, The Skybox V7 will only accept Sky cards with serial numbers starting in '0000 2.......' or any MySky cards, it will not work with any other type of sky card.