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Kingray DW32 Distribution Amp

Description: Kingray DW32 Distribution Amplifier
Stock Code: DW32
Price: NZD$147.00

Kingray DW32 Distribution Amplifier

The DW32 is an F Type distribution amplifier designed for a separate VHF or UHF antenna or a combined antenna via switch at the input. The DW32 can be remotely powered to the output. Packed with a PSK12S power supply. Includes a -30 dB testpoint.

Frequency Range 44-230 470-860
Maximum Gain (dB) 26-28 32
Inputs 2 2
Noise Figure (dB) 3.5 3.5
Gain Control (dB) 10 10
Power Supply (PSK#) 12S or 12F 12S or 12F
Current 150 150
Test point -30 dB -30 dB
Output Figure DIN45004B (uV) 112 112