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Supreme 34 Element UHF Aerial

Stock Code: SAU34
Price: NZD$89.00

Supreme 34 Element UHF Aerial for Freeview HD

* Built-in Amplifier (Power Supply not included)
* Built-in LTE/Freeview NZ Filter (Ch's 25-49)
* Freeview HD Ready
* 90% Pre-assembled
* Easy Installation
* F-Connect Waterproof Dipole
* Heavy Duty Construction
* Tubular Alloy Screens
* Designed for NZ Digital UHF Channels
* Elements & Screens riveted together for increased strength/durability
* Rotatable Screens, Aerial can be mounted Vertical or Horizontal Polarised

To check if you can receive Freeview HD in your area please check on the Freeveiw website coverage check map here: