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Coax Cable Tester

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Price: NZD$59.00

This Pocket Coax Cable Continuity Tester is an easy to use tool for testing coax cable. With it you can check DC shorts, splitters and self-grounding devices in coax cable. An audible tone sounds when the line-carrying signal is detected. The pocket cable tester is equipped with a short circuit detector LED located at the head of the transmitter section. If a DC short circuit exists in the cable the LED will light up.

Don't spend hours trying to figure out which coax cable goes to which jack. Save time during wiring projects with this pocket sized Pocket Toner continuity tester. After completing the pre-wiring stage of an installation, you could be faced with dozens of coax cables. While it is easy to group the different cables, you still have to figure out which cable goes to which jack or location. This Pocket Coax Cable Continuity Tester helps you solve this problem in minutes.

Simply plug the sender into a wall jack in a room. Back at the location where all the cables come together, connect one cable at a time to the speaker until a tone is heard, and you've found your cable.