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Kingray SAM224 Masthead Amp

Description: Kingray SAM224 Masthead Amp
Stock Code: SAM224
Price: NZD$124.95

SAM224 Splitter Amplifier

The SAM224 is a Screw and Saddle single input 4 Way VHF/UHF Splitter Amplifier. Remote power can be applied toany output port, with power through input switch providingthe ability to pass power through to a masthead if requiredfeature. Packed with a PSK06 power supply.

Splitter Amplifiers are primarily designed to split and amplify signals that areof acceptable quality to one outlet ‘unamplified’, but when split to two ormore, noticeable deterioration is present. Kingray provide a complete rangefor all applications. The latest release of splitter amplifiershave been designed for superiorperformance within the digital and analogue terrestrial environment. The characteristics of the components selectedprovide a very low noise figure, a high output level and high return loss.

Frequency Range 44-470 470-860
Maximum Gain (dB) 12-14 16
Inputs 1 1
Noise Figure (dB) <3.5 <3.5
Gain Control (dB) 14-11 Tilt N/A
Power Supply (PSK#) 06 or 08 06 or 08
Current 70 70
Output Figure DIN45004B (uV) 100 100